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I am not going to talk about politics on this thing as nobody likes to hear a retard spout off his goofy opinions. (Some of you may recall my thoughts on a certain-indie rocker's Hulk-Hands accentuated speech in front of a smiley-face sun!) I will say this, if only because it puts in perspective the amazing mood I was in last night: I am really, really happy about the election results. I was in a really great mood last night and I couldn't imagine it was going to get any better. Well, I was wrong! Shortly after McCain conceded, TV decided to be awesome AGAIN and show me THE BEST EPISODE OF URKEL I HAVE EVER SEEN:

Urkel was doing some sort of experiment involving foamy beakers when a very, very old looking Eddie Winslow (it looked like he had grey hair!) entered the room. Urkel was telling him about how his friends New Edition (!!!!!) were playing a concert that night and Eddie flipped out and insisted that Steve get him two front row tickets. The rest of the episode involved the entire Winslow family hounding Steve for tickets, which seemed to really piss him off. (He graciously gave two tickets to Mother Winslow, though. Urkel rules. Also, for the record, my favorite thing on Family Matters is when Mother Winslow enters a scene to a HUGE burst of applause and whooping.)

I was sort of falling asleep while watching it but I remember a few things pretty clearly:

Stefan and Steve were two separate people in this episode?! And Stefan was living in France for some reason?! Laura was really bummed because Stefan couldn't be at the New Edition concert with her. At the end Stefan ended up coming to the concert anyway! He was totally jamming out with Laura, Steve, Eddie, Mother Winslow, Myra (R.I.P) and some girl who I didn't recognize.

Bobby Brown did some ridiculous rap about "my man Steve Urkel".

Carl and Harriet were both really bummed because they wanted to go to the concert but they had to stay home and watch Richie and Three J. Urkel decided to cheer them up so he brought New Edition to the Winslow's house to sing for them! They were really into it although Carl seemed sort of conflicted - New Edition were sort of giving his wife sex vibes so he seemed pissed but he was also clearly lovin' the music!

I think my very favorite part was Laura and Steve's amazing post concert exchange. In fact, this may be the best thing I have ever heard on TV! (I wrote this down so this is verbatim)

Laura: I can't believe it - one minute I'm watchin' the concert and the next I'm on stage with New Edition!

Stefan: Yes... VERY cool.

Urkel is such a good show!
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